Ring “The Search of Meaning” ARM-003 SL


Ring – The Search for Meaning
It is not meant to aid the search for meaning in the literal sense of the phrase. This ring is
a story about Man being in the constant search and having no respite from wandering. And
when it seems that you almost, very nearly found it, it turns out that behind all of life’s
intricacies and obstacles there is no final result but rather a mask, that is yet to be seen
through to comprehend the meaning.
The way of “searching for the meaning” is the way of personal development, the way of the
strong Man, capable of not being deceived/deluded by simple solutions or influenced by
the superficial shine and capable of following through to the end.

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Sterling Silver 17,2 gr

Blue topaz

Green CZ (Cubic Zirconia)


Total weight – 18,2 gr.

Additional information

Weight 18.2 g

Sterling silver

Inserted rock

Blue topaz, Green CZ (Cubic Zirkonia), Zirkonium

Ring size


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