Ring “Seamstress” ARM-005 SL


The ring “Seamstress” contains a hidden and multifaceted meaning. From the visible, obvious perspective, the sewing implements tell of an owner who is a craftswoman with an inclination towards needlework, with a certain sheen of the homely cosiness and maybe even a touch of frivolity.
But what is hidden under all those scissors, balls of thread and needle beds? Aren’t those runic lettering that can be barely seen adorning the round table of this housewife?
In this context the scissors no longer seem so harmless – now they have an element of “divide and conquer” to them.
This ring is meant to deceive the people around her and to bring confidence, hidden under seeming harmlessness.

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Sterling Silver -13,9 gr.

Pearl,Zirconium,Red, green artificial garnet

Total weight – 14,2 gr.

Additional information

Weight 14.2 g

Sterling silver

Inserted rock

Green CZ (Cubic Zirkonia), Pearl, Red artificial garnet, Zirkonium

Ring size


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