Ring “Sacrament” ARM-002 SL


The ring “Sacrament” is filled with esoteric meaning. While the sequence of life cycles
forms the Man’s personality, those processes take place unnoticed even by the most
discerning eye. What we see is just the result: here is what “was” and here is what “is”.
The inner metamorphosis itself is a kind of sacrament under the Creators control.
The one, who the ring fits, will feel inner harmony the moment she touches the metal. For
the silver of this ring also goes through a lifecycle of its own – from the natural metal to the
refining and shaping. This connection between the transformed Man and the transformed
metal is the Harmony of the great Sacrament.

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Sterling Silver -28,1 gr.

Blue topaz

CZ (Cubic Zirconia)


Total weight – 29,4 g

Additional information

Weight 29.4 g

Sterling silver

Inserted rock

Acrylic, Blue topaz, CZ (Cubic Zirkonia)

Ring size


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