Ring “Masterpiece” ARM-001 SL


The ring “Masterpiece” will fit a show-business star or a wealthy and confident individual.
The “self-confidence” is the metaphysical basis of this masterpiece.
The combination of black and white diamonds and emerald – the hardest of the natural
stones – with the malleable  silver – is alike to the interaction of the extreme opposites of
Ying and Yang, not without their nobility.
The familiar motives of the lifecycle – from an angelic child under the sky of blue topaz to
an adult hiding under a mask, through the different periods of life – some black and others –
a crystal clear white.
Enamel adds color to the composition while the confident, “architectural” lines speak of a
fully-formed personality and solid footing.
The energy of this ring is so powerful that it not will fit well a weak person.

This ring has been displayed at multiple international jewelry exhibitions and was featured
on the cover of a US magazine. It inspired a clothes designer to produce a series of t-
shirts with the ring’s photo, that were sold in Russia, USA and Armenia.
Now it is time for this ring to find its owner.

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Sterling Silver – 21,9 gr.

White, black diamonds – 0,16 ct.

Green emerald

Blue topaz

Total weight – 22,5 gr

Additional information

Weight 22.5 g

Sterling silver

Inserted rock

Black diamonds, Blue topaz, Green emerald, White diamonds

Ring size


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