Necklace “The traveller of the constellation” AR-007

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Starry sky, the far-away river of the Milky Way – the picture for the true romantics! This necklace charms and catches every eye! A map of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac is placed in between meteorite plates. The golden lines link the diamond stars into the unmistakable shapes. And at the base of the work is a nugget, standing in for the planet Earth, where 500 million years ago the meteorite «Muonionalusta» crashed. After 4 billion years of the wondering among the constellations this piece of space rock came to a permanent stop in Sweden. It is hard to imagine the journey it took to get there, the sights it has witnessed, the secrets it could tell… This piece of space can become your own family relic, to forever keep your secrets along with all the others it has collected in its travels.

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White and Yellow Gold 18K, High carat gold – 112.3g.

White diamonds 77 pcs. – 1.94 ct.

Meteorites Muonionalusta

Total weight – 247.3 g.

Length 50 cm.

Packing of walnut.

Additional information

Weight 247.3 g

High carat gold, Meteorite, White gold, Yellow gold

Golden carat

18 K

Gold weight

122.3 g.

Inserted rock

White diamonds

Number of stones

77 kpl.


1,94 ct.


50 cm.


247,3 g.


Box of natural walnut

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