Hand-crafted Champagne Whisk


Hand-crafted Champagne Whisk.

A truly elegant work! It has been created with special attention to dimensions and style. Several companies received the order to make samples of this work, but only the masters of Jewelry House Navur managed to craft the perfect work that we are now proud to present.

Throughout history women were creatures of sophistication with love of beautiful things in their hearts. Why not give yourself a little gift and buy the small things that are so dear to your heart!
They will not only be useful in the daily life but will also show off the graceful and noble nature of the owner.
And what a great gift it is!

The Whisk can be put on a chain as an elegant and unusual pendant. Or it can be kept safely in your bag in an stylish case. One slight hand movement turns it from a pendant into a whisk to stir a flute’s contents to remove the excess bubbles. Champagne will not go to your head as quickly and you will be able to enjoy a pleasant drink for a longer time.

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Additional information

Weight 8.9 g
Dimensions 10 cm

Sterling silver