Cufflinks “The meeting of micro and macro cosmos” AR-005

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The unique combination of the Swedish meteorite «Muonionalusta» with gold from the bowels of the Earth will make anyone stop and think for a minute. It is a perfect allegory for the contrast between our inner world and the world outside. These two worlds cannot exist without each other just like without knowing yourself you cannot truly know the world. These cufflinks will give confidence to continue down the road to the perfect balance between Self and the Universe, the micro and the macro.

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White Gold 18K

Gold Hip 23K – 15.8g.

Meteorite “Muonionalusta”

Total weight 25.9 g.

Packing of walnut.

Additional information

Weight 23.9 g

High carat gold, Meteorite, White gold

Golden carat

18 K, 23 K


25.9 g.


Box of natural walnut

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