Verily, the diamond has no competitors – it is the undisputed favorite in the world of precious stones and jewelry. Its distinctive ability is to refract light twice. In other words, a full inner reflection occurs twice in the stone, this gives the diamond a strong sparkling brilliance. Indeed, even in the simplest gold frame, it is gorgeous in itself. But the masters of the jewelry business do not stop there, they try to come up with ways to make the diamond even more attractive, and the jewelry original, using different methods of cutting and basting.
In the collection of the “Twist” Jewelry Trade House “Sadko”, an airy, inconspicuous anchoring of the central diamond is used, which sets the constant movement of the precious stone, and multiplies its natural brilliance several times. Thus, a diamond can be called a “dancing” stone, which prompted giving the whole collection the name of a rhythmic, incendiary dance!

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