Swarovski crystals, with which our collection IceLine is made, are recognized worldwide as an independent category of exclusive stones that are not inferior in their beauty and brilliance to diamonds.
New cut of zirconium PURE BRILLIANCE (on each crystal is engraved with the stamp “Swarovski zirconia”, which can be seen with a 12-fold increase) really creates an extraordinary glow. For the first time zirconium exactly corresponds to a full set of standards, according to which the quality of diamond cutting is evaluated. It sparkles so brightly that other stones cannot stand comparison against it.
For the production of IceLine decorations, the state-of-the-art jewelry equipment is used, which makes it possible to significantly lighten the weight of the products and, at the same time, securely fix the stones, which excludes the possibility of them falling out.
Plasticity, lightness, a combination of sparkling Swarovski with matte pearls or blue topaz give it a unique exquisite look. We are sure that any IceLine decoration will not only emphasize your beauty, but, thanks to the magical brilliance of many stones, will give a good mood to its owner!

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