Classic does not mean boring, it means modern and stylish!
The main advantage of the classic style is the lack of control over fashion, such decorations will always be relevant – at any time and in any place. Performed using traditional noble metal and precious stones, they have the right proportional shape. Strict, not too intricate, but sophisticated products like their versatility.
You can choose massive earrings, or a ring encrusted with a large diamond, for an evening out, or products with paths from fashionable black and white diamonds for each day, or pick up a set with an emerald, sapphire, topaz harmonizing with your favorite outfit. Unusually and expensive looking jewelry, made in the technique of “pava”. This type of bracing allows you to cover large surfaces with stones. The scattering of diamonds, drowned in metal, creates a continuous sparkling cloth and an amazing effect of diamond brocade.

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