Areg Aghasaryan

Jewelry Club

A jeweler-designer with his own special, recognizable and unique style. For 20 years now, this style has made his brand “AREG Jewelry” interesting both for connoisseurs and buyers.

Regular customers of Areg Aghasaryan prefer individuality in everything and want to have not just a piece of jewelry, but a unique work, because each of them has its own history and carries in itself symbolism and philosophy.

The master does not limit himself to classic jewelry materials. He uses not only precious and semiprecious stones, gold, silver, but also such non-standard materials as fragments of meteorites, mammoth bones, wood, leather, gold nuggets and … even concrete.

His work amazes the imagination, so unusual and original they are conceived and executed. Each product is technically perfect, filled with a special meaning and charged with a complex energy that combines the mysterious spirit of the past, the fresh breath of the present and the fascinating touch of the unknown.
It is these components that make it possible to call the works of Areg as works of contemporary jewelry art.

• Areg Aghasaryan has been engaged in the jewelry business since 1991, currently he is the People’s Master of Armenia, an honorary member of the Union of Artists, a member of the International Art Foundation, a member of the Dove of Peace charitable foundation.


”From Mammoths to Techno”

This pendant symbolizes the rising of humankind from ancient past into the modern age of technology. The artist used mammoth ivory, tourmaline, white and yellow gold.

Mammoth ivory has been engraved with the original composition “The Hunter and the Mouflon”. It is an author’s artistic interpretation of the prehistoric cave painting preserved in Armenia. At the center of the pendant the author placed the truly magical tourmaline – it is an exceptionally beautiful mineral that seems to radiate ancient energy. The pendant is created by assembling together the hand-made precast parts.


”The Gaze out of the Past”

Mammoth ivory is engraved with a human face with “eyes wide open”. This likeness from the times long past moves and staggers! An astonishing aura of antiquity given to this work by the artist seems to remind the wearer of the transience of time.


”The Music of the Diamonds"

This string of pitch-black diamonds is truly mesmerizing. The eye seems to wonder from stone to stone like a musician’s hands dance along the keys of an ancient piano – black to white and back again in a perfect symphony of harmony and love. Setting the tone for this masterpiece is a beautiful laminar diamond that will look wondrously sensuous on any woman’s neck and help her reach the high notes of inner harmony.

Pendant and earrings

”The Portal of Welfare"

This work of jewelry art was made with white and yellow gold, diamonds and amethysts. These pieces of jewelry are reminiscent in shape to ancient temple portals in all their regal greatness. Through these portals lay the way to fortune and prosperity. However, only the chosen few were ever allowed through. These earrings and pendant will become your talisman that will help you through the portal to your welfare.


”The Constellation Traveller”

Starry sky, the far-away river of the Milky Way – the picture for the true romantics! This necklace charms and catches every eye! A map of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac is placed in between meteorite plates. The golden lines link the diamond stars into the unmistakable shapes. And at the base of the work is a nugget, standing in for the planet Earth, where 500 million years ago the meteorite «Muonionalusta» crashed. After 4 billion years of the wondering among the constellations this piece of space rock came to a permanent stop in Sweden. It is hard to imagine the journey it took to get there, the sights it has witnessed, the secrets it could tell… This piece of space can become your own family relic, to forever keep your secrets along with all the others it has collected in its travels.


”The Terminator"

This ring was named so for a reason. It can change its size like a terminator. Only a truly powerful man can become its owner. Everything in it is perfect – the form, the construction, the size of the diamond and its clarity. For the lord of this ring there are no obstacles – he overcomes all.


”The Union of Pure Souls"

The artist was in a laconic mood when creating this peace of jewelry. White gold for the purity of intentions. Balls of pure gold for the pure souls that believe in the Cross. A golden ball on the cross for the guardian angel. With God’s grace it can become your guardian.


”When micro meets macro"

The unique combination of the Swedish meteorite «Muonionalusta» with gold from the bowels of the Earth will make anyone stop and think for a minute. It is a perfect allegory for the contrast between our inner world and the world outside. These two worlds cannot exist without each other just like without knowing yourself you cannot truly know the world. These cufflinks will give confidence to continue down the road to the perfect balance between Self and the Universe, the micro and the macro.



Butterflies are ever attracted by the light and beautiful things in this world… In this case they could not stay away from the enchanting red coral – the symbol of happiness and modesty. The butterflies themselves the author made from plates of carnelian, amethyst, quartz and diamonds. Once you put it on you will fell like a beautiful flower in paradise and fully experience the necklace’s positive aura.


"The Star of David - unity"

This pendant is a symbol for the unity of the Jewish people. Each Jew is a symbolic part of big mechanism that unites the people with their faith, culture and national identity. Twelve beautiful diamonds represent the 12 clans of Israel. The six-pointed star can be folded into a triangle. This piece of jewelry is a living mechanism.



This ring has a magical power. The one and only tanzanite is the object of attraction for dozens of diamonds. Just like a person’s charisma and energy attract others. And, as life clearly demonstrates, there is no need to be a precious gem to be surrounded by them.
The owner of this ring will surely attract adoring eyes!